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Gonna get that query letter done...

During the whirlwind of Austin Film Festival 2015, many experienced writers told me that I should start on that all important query letter to send out to selected managers and agents. I needed to capitalize on all the accolades that my screenplays were achieving. I was hot and I needed to act fast.

Think I followed that advice?

No. No, I didn't. I let November, then December, then January get away from me. Life happened, stress happened, Jessica Jones binges happened, but that important query letter did not happen.

So, now it's February. I've finally got back to business and I'm doing all kinds of research along with working on the new outline. Trying to get this whole time management thing down is a constant struggle, but I'm determined that I will get this query letter done and sent out by end of the month. Yep, you heard it here first - gonna get that query letter done.

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