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Black Sunday
A horror/thriller feature based on true events, Black Sunday tells the harrowing story of a Depression-era family that gets trapped in their rural Oklahoma farm house by the worst dust storm in U.S. history, only to find their safe haven turned into a house of horrors when they take in two disturbed drifters seeking shelter from the storm.
The Road Home
Ditching her life in LA, a failed, alcoholic actress drives east in her packed car to move back to her small hometown in upstate New York. After encountering odd people and events along the week-long roadtrip, she finds herself at a reunion she never expected. This Twilight Zone-esque drama feature is in major rewrites.
Haunted House Hunters
In this parody of the popular HGTV reality show, a ghost couple, with the help of their ghost realtor, search for a new house to haunt, but a pesky clairvoyant could send them packing for good.
In progress: horror feature
What are Mothers For
In this comedy/drama feature, an openly gay couple’s quest to adopt a child is derailed when one’s closed-minded, secretly-ill mother descends upon their world.
In progress: supernatural horror feature
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In progress: horror feature